My Goal With The Being Indispensable Podcast

  • Generate “aha” moments
  • Inspire, encourage and motivate 
  • Educate, inform and develop
  • Share, workshop and problem-solve
  • Empower

My Story

I haven’t always been an Executive Assistant. Experts assure us that we are likely to have multiple careers in our lifetime and I am evidence of that. I arrived at‘Career Phase 3’ having taken an enforced sabbatical as a result of battling breast cancer.

I made the decision to apply for some EA roles at the suggestion of a girlfriend who recognised in me both an undoubted talent for organisation and efficiency and an ability to deliver an exceptional level of service.

In ‘Career Phase 2’, I had leveraged my skills as a wordsmith and my commercial experience (I’ll get to that), to embark on what was effectively an in-house copywriting role, writing and producing compelling marketing copy for internal and external purposes. In addition to my marketing communications responsibilities, I was a project manager for a number of key initiatives and delivered monthly market research and analysis for the companies monthly Board of Directors meetings.

‘Career Phase 1’ consisted of a not-too-shabby Sales career that had a promising start at IBM followed by employment at a number of companies providing Software-As-A-Service. Despite being a highly regarded and valued salesperson, Career Phase 1 had spluttered to a stall post children when the prospect of working full time to maintain my position in what can be a competitive pool became something I no longer enjoyed.

There is some irony that these three career phases have taken me full circle. My very first role was as a graduate Business Administration intern at IBM. This is where I first honed by organizational and business process skills.

My Executive Assistant career (Phase 3) leveraged everything that I had learnt in my previous careers. The role bought into play all of the strengths and skills that I have developed over each phase of my working life. My boss told me that although I didn’t have the classic Executive Assistant background, he felt that I bought other skills and capabilities to the role and that justified him taking a risk on me. As I often tell my listeners, no one got promoted by being good at Excel and I certainly didn’t get hired for that skill!

What Made Me Start A Podcast?

My natural curiosity for learning, both formal and informal definitely goes some way to explaining how the podcast Being Indispensable came about.

As preparation for interviewing for the role of Executive Assistant and then once I had accepted the role, I actively sought out ways to improve or develop skills that I required or needed to hone in order to exceed the expectations of my boss.

I don’t think of myself as on the bleeding edge of technology but I had already discovered the veritable treasure chest that existed in the Podcast category on iTunes. There wasn’t a lot out there specifically for Executive and Personal Assistants. 

I felt strongly that there must be other assistants like me that would value a podcast that helped them feel connected, be inspired and improve their ability to deliver the best level of support they could to their business leader. 

What Do I Hope You Find Here?

Content that interests you.

Content that inspires you.

Content that helps you not just survive but thrive as an Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant, Administrative Assistant or whatever sort of Assistant you describe yourself as.

This is my vision with Being Indispensable, the podcast show and my vision for Being Indispensable, the website. I hope you enjoy listening to the podcast episodes and enjoy visiting my website to access the show-notes, links and resources. If being indispensable is something you aspire to then please reach out to me to discuss how I can help you through one on one coaching or customising a workshop specifically for the needs of your organisation. 

Thanks for visiting Being Indispensable!

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